IPO Details & Happenings

More than just a showroom, IPO is the future of home experiences, Premium is not just for the wealthy anymore

Interior Premium Outlet (IPO)

More than just a showroom, IPO is the future of home experiences.

Where other platforms can only show you pictures of what you might want to buy online, IPO will let you experience our premium goods prior to any purchasing so that you can feel the quality.

Premium is not just for the wealthy anymore.

For you we have created a space to allow you to explore the deepest reaches of your imagination for your luxury dreams.

Our innovative cabin design will allow you to walk through and experience a world of possibility for any application you would want for your home each, each expertly crafted by ID team.

We are not like others as we do not keep physical stock in our showcase, this guarantees that you will have newly built furniture and not old stock that has been sitting around waiting for a new owner.

Furniture is not the only feature of IPO, we also carry all the materials you could imagine for renovating as well as an inhouse design team with contractors to work with you in the creation of your new home or to bring your old home back to its former glory.


< Up to 30,000 sq. feet of Unique Showroom spaces

< Ample parking areas for visitors

< A New Online to Offline E-Commerce Concept

< An onsite Experience with Interior Designer Services

< A discussion area with free flow beverage for visitors

< Areas for IPO onsite Events and Product Launching

< Two locations, one in Kuala Lumpur and another larger facility in Johor Baru

Interior Design Community (InDeCo)

Within the upper terrace of IPO will be the home of InDeCo a Co-Working Space specifically for The ID community. This space will give designers access to tools that they may not have access to on their own and will hopefully inspire them to their full potential without having them spend a fortune to do so. With the IPO show space just steps away designers will not have to invest time and money seeking out suppliers foreign or domestic.


< Open Seating Area (Hot Seats), and Semi Private Area for privacy
< High Speed Internet
< Free flow Coffee/Tea/Drinking Water
< Access to Discussion Room, Meeting Room and Elite Lounge**
< Access to Design Resources Library
< Community Space (Social Networking Area)

IPO Elite Membership

For those who have been hand selected by our CEO and Upper Management to join as our Elite Guest, there is a special selection of goods not viewable by the public eye.

These goods are one of a kind or very limited production items that come only once in a lifetime, hand crafted from only the finest materials sourced from the highest quality suppliers.

You will not find these products anywhere else and if you are lucky enough to be invited to purchase one you are guaranteed to have a show piece for your home that no one has seen the likes of before.

In addition to the features listed above Elite members will be welcomed into our luxury lounge to enjoy refreshments and some of the finest things life has to offer.

< Free flow beer, wine, and liquor
< Hors d’oeuvres
< Cigars
< Personal concierge to guide guest and explain the origin and signigicance of each piece
< Exclusive access to ultra-luxury class products

* The Elite lounge is by invitation only and privileges may be revoked at any time if member is found to be abusing said privileges. To be considered for an IPO Elite Membership you are require to meet certain undisclosed requirements that will be explained at the time of your selection
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